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One hundred years ago, Madras was, as you can imagine, a very different place, where huge, shady trees formed lovely avenues, very few vehicles were seen on the road, and people led gracious, simple lives. It was, in other ways, not an idyllic place. There were many injustices in those days, especially against women, who were not treated well at all. It was into that world that our founder, Andalamma, was born in the year 1894. Since she came from a well-to-do family, she had the benefit of good education (not many girls did, in those days). She went to St. Thomas Convent, Mylapore and the Presidency High School, Egmore and learnt all the crafts and skills of a young lady of her time. Andalamma, as she grew up, was also learning something else that no school taught, but everyone needed.

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